OS MAGNET: Magnetic detachable open sight and laser sight for Glock pistol.

The new CAT LASER OS MAGNET is an innovating and unique dual system product

developed by CAT LASERS which combines an optical glowing sight and laser sight

in the same device

  • Dual system of glowing open and laser sight independently regulated in windage and elevation.
  • Equipped with a quick on /off powerful magnetic mounting system specially designed to be assemble and disassemble in seconds, which allows the sight to
    stick to the gun slide very easily and keep in place even after a lot of shots.
  • The power of magnet is combined with a mount specifically designed to fit with great accuracy in the slide grooves.
  • OS MAGNET can be changed from one Glock pistol to another with the same characteristics with no need of regulation in windage or elevation.
  • The mount also counts on lateral serrations similar to the original pistol.
Made in Argentina

U.S. Patent



  • Simple and quick
  • No tools required for installation
  • Original rear sight and front sight of the gun DO NOT NEED TO BE REMOVED



The os magnet device has a dual system that combines an open optical sight with a laser sight, both aiming devices with independent regulation in rise and drift

Open Sight

The rear and front sight of the open optical sight are covered with a photoluminescent material that allows them to be used in low light or in total darkness for a long time.

The open optical sight system is similar to the original factory, allowing quick adaptation by the shooter.

Laser sight

Regulado a 1200 PULSOS POR SEGUNDO, NO PERCEPTIBLE POR EL OJO HUMANO PERO QUE PERMITE UNA MAYOR DURACIÓN DE LA BATERÍA.Regulated at 1200 pulses per second, not perceived by human eye but which allows a longer battery duration.

Electronic components are manufactured under ISO 9001 international regulations.

El rayo láser se emite en deriva desde el centro del cañón y en alza a media pulgada hacia arriba. Esta característica le permite una gran exactitud a diferentes distancias, por lo que puede regular a 5 metros y lograr optima agrupación de 10, 15 y más metros. The laser beam comes in windage from the very center of the barrel and in elevation half inch top. This characteristic allows a close accuracy at different distances, so it can regulate 16 feets and achieve optimal grouping of 10, 15 and more yards .

Main technical data

WAVELENGTH: 635 A 650 NM635 a 650 nm

Output power : 5MW


Range: 450M (in optimum conditions)Range

Battery: 1 Lithium battery 3V (2032)


Optical sight regulation

The OS MAGNET sight has been previously calibrated at the factory, for a more adequate calibration for each user, the instructions that are specified using the tools that come with the device must be followed.


Turn the adjusting screw as indicated in the image to raise or lower the rear sight.


Turn the adjusting screw as shown in the image to correct the drift in the front sight.

Regulation of laser sight

For an optimum aim setting start by positioning laser dot on top of the front sight , then follow the indications in the front sight.


Turn the adjusting screw as indicated in the image to raise or lower the laser.


Turn the adjusting screw as indicated in the image to correct the laser drift.

On /off switch

Ambidextrous anti-slip button
located below the rise
in the center of the device part.


Press the button indicated by the arrow for one second to turn the laser device ON or OFF


Uses one 2032 lithium battery, commonly used in the market. Battery tray, coming
from the lateral part of the device, is easily removable.

Press / Pull

Unlock with the finger and pull the battery tray

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