• CAT semi-permanent duty grade polymer mounting system is functionally and esthetically designed to perform and look as
    part of your pistol.
  • CAT laser can be swiftly and effortlessly installed in your pistol in four steps.
  • New state of the art laser module capable of emitting light up to 800 yards in optimal conditions.
  • Innovative battery tray unit.
  • Full point of aim adjustment to compensate for your shooting style and your handgun performance.
  • All the required installation tools are supplied with our laser devices.
  • Exceptional point of aim settings retention, even if the firearm is accidentally dropped from a moderate height CAT laser device
    will not lose its adjustment settings.
  • Low profile integral quick access ambidextrous on-off switching.
  • Ergonomically and esthetically designed to be part of your firearm.
Made in Argentina

US Patent


CAT laser sights for Bersa pistols without picattiny rail.

Part No. TLS 779006, CAT laser for Bersa Thunder 9/40

Part No. TLS 779007, CAT laser for Bersa mini 9/40

Part No. TLS 779008, CAT laser for Bersa mini 45


Main technical data

Wavelenght: 635 a 650 nm

Output Power: 5mW

Dispersion: Approx. 1 inch to 99 yard

Range: 450yd (in optimum conditions)

Batteries: 3 LR 44 or 3 SR44 Silver oxide

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